Sunday, December 29, 2002

Will Coal-Bed Methane Development
Destroy the Rangelands – and Waters – Where It Occurs?

Urban audiences are only just starting to hear about this controversy, which has been building for years in places like Wyoming and southeastern Montana, where many see coal-bed methane projects as virtually the only serious hope for beleaguered rural economies. The "yes we can" v. "no you can't" rhetoric is classic; proponents and opponents could just as easily be talking about any other recent environmental controversy of consequence. And as with other issues, consensus – if it ever comes – will emerge after the damage has been found either to be lasting – or not.

Ate Too Much?
Relax – You've Got Lots of Company

"It is time to rehabilitate gluttony. We would not be here without it." This article may be music to your ears, solace for your past lives.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

Coming Soon:
The Return of BigSkyView

After a Summer and Fall of densely-packed work, travel and distraction, I've finally had the time to switch to new software that will once again allow me to post here. Watch this space for new posts coming in the near future.